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    VE Application And Development Prospect
      VE eva film (particular VE-H) is specially developed to meet the requirment of today’s architecture industry. It is widely used in outdoor like curtain wall, skylight, Canopy, automobile windshield, ect owing to its excellent properties.
      Compared to the other fillms, VE eva film will become the best and sole selection because of the cost efficiency for the safety laminated glass, And also will resulting in the new development for the safety laminated glass industry.

    Curtain Canopy Automobile
    High tensile strength, good impact resistance; Superior thermoset water resistance and weathering resistance performance.
    Superior adhesion with glass and also substrate materials; The safety-glazing materials will successfully retain their safety characteristics after exposure to weathering conditions for an extended period of time.
    Super clear, good safety performance, and perfect sunlight control...etc. VE super clear film meets the kinds of requirements of Auto windshield.
    Curtain Canopy Automobile

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