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    Characteristics of laminated safe glass film

    1. Safety
    EVA film is firm bonding with glass, which become the good safety glass.Both vertical and slanting glass installation resist the impact of external force . When the glass is damaged, its fragments stick to interlayer film to protect people from injury.What is more,glass remains intact,and continue to withstand impact and weather.

    2. Sound insulation
    Laminated glass reduce the noise from entire range of wave frequency , thanks to unique sandwich structure,and sound insulation of EVA film, the laminated glass can effectively control the sound transmission, including the sound from vehicle, voice,aircraft and other low or high-frequency noise.

    3. Sunlight and UV control characteristics
    EVA film is able to filter out UV rays, and absorb at least 99% of the UV rays. Special EVA film enables control sunlight transmission to protect article,like furniture, plastic products, textiles, carpets, artwork, antiquities or other stuff from UV radiation.It helps to resist fading and aging.

    4. Decoration
       EVA film is able to laminated papar and PET film, providing a more superior decorative,and enhance visual appeal.

    5. Energy saving
    EVA film laminated glass effectively enable to reduce the solar light,and save refridgeration energy consumption.Dark color EVA laminated glass has better thermal insulation.

    6. Anti-theft
    Laminated glass ensure person and property safety, also guard against theft regardless of violence. It is impossible to cut laminated glass,which is difficult and perceptible.

    7. Explosion-proof
    Both vertical and sloping, laminated glass can withstand impact penetration and if it does smash, the fragments will adhere to the intermediate layer, reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage. If the glass is tempered it can even withstand bullets, fire, heavy objects or minor explosions.

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