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    Processing Technology of laminated glass

    Before lamination:
    1. Cut glass in right size, and grind the glass edge,which avoid the bubbles and protect the silicon bag.
    2. Clean the glass with pure water,deionized water,acetone or ethanol,then dry the glass. Don’t left any dirt, fingerprint or water on the film surface.

    1. Smooth the film when put it between two pieces of glass, and fix the glass with green tape four-side sealing.
    2. Cut the extra EVA film at glass edge.
    3. There should be 3-5mm gap between two pieces of laminated glass.
    4. Put frame around the four side of glass if possible.

    Heat processing:
    1. Check the vacuum pump and silicon quality before heating.In the case of normal vacuum,keep it 2-5 minutes at 900mmHG.
    2. Set up the temperature and time.Low-temperature:60 degree,20 minutes;high-temperarture:125-130 degree(refer to glass surface temperature),30-50minutes.Please be attention that differet products depend on different temperature.
    3. After heating,open the heating door,put the heating bed out of oven and cool immediately.
    4. Do not stop vacuum until the temperature is below 50 degree.

    Tips: The faster the cooling rate is, the more transparent the glass is.

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