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    E&N technical expert tips:

    Tips One:
    1. The strength of laminated glass depends on the min thickness of single panel instead of total thickness of the glass.
    2. The thick glass is better than the thin glass.
    3. Multilayer laminated glass is better than bilayer one
    4. Semi-tempered laminated glass will resist the impact well than ordinary laminated glass.
    5. Same total thickness, thicker EVA film will enhance its ability to resist the exterior shock.
    6. The bullet-proof glass and explosion-proof glass can not be used by tempered glass.

    Tip Two:
    1. Please be attention that the compatibility between seal glue which used for seal the edge of glass.
    2. Point-supported glass should carry out strengthening process.
    3. To make sure the safety of laminated glass roof,it is better to use the semi-tempered laminated glass.
    4. The tempered glass or homogenizing tempered laminated glass is broken,its granularity of fragment is larger than that of single tempered laminated glass.
    5. It is vital for laminated glass quality and shelf-life to clean the glass, control the environment and room temperature.

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