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    E&N 10th anniversary celebration live report

    Follow the road, thanks for you
    E&N 10th anniversary celebration and 2018 customer reply meeting
    Time flies, time flies, ten years is just a moment in the long history, but it is so magnificent. Ten years, left us a precious wealth; ten years, left us a heavy responsibility; ten years, witnessed the rain yesterday; ten years, watch the brilliant tomorrow.

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    On April 25th,2018, China E&N Film Technology Co.,Ltd (E&N)was holding 10th anniversary ceremony at Fontainebleau Hotel in Foshan.Those attended this ceremony included leaders from China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association(CAIGA),global customer representatives,suppliers, media, all staff from E&N, etc,and they shared the joy together.

    ▲E&N new factory

    ▲E&N new factory

    ▲E&N new factory

    ▲Fontainebleau Hotel

    At 9:00am,China Glass Association held the meeting “Laminated Glass Technical Seminar”.As the standing committee unit of China Glass Association,E&N took this opportunity to thanks their clients,also to promote technical communication in the glass industry.

    ▲Technical Seminar

    ▲Technical Seminar

    At the seminar, Zhang Baiheng,standing vice-president of China Glass Association.Ye Runkang,Deputy general manager of E&N. Sun Dahai,Technologist from Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Automobile Glass Co.,Han Song,executive deputy director of National Safety Glass & Quartz Glass Quality Test Centre, Yang Shucan,General Director of E&N, respectively make a presentation.They analyzed the current status of laminated glass material from perspectives of laminated glass process,international standard for bathroom, EVA film interlayer,etc.

    ▲Zhang Baiheng,standing vice-president of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association

    ▲Ye Runkang, deputy general manager of China E&N Film Technology Co.

    Sun said,the rigidity of SGP film is better than that of PVB film,and it help to bond laminated glass with interlayer after using adhesion promoter.Han mentioned,tempered laminated glass and tempered film glass provide solution for safety problems of bathroom glass.Yang pointed out that there are over 3000 glass process manufacturer which have demand or potential requirement for EVA film.The types of EVA film are becoming multifaceted,from ordinary transparent film to cross-linked transparent film,color transparent film,and frosted color film.Now domestic EVA film market tend to be mature, while oversea market is on developing stage.

    ▲Sun Dahai,technologist of Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Automobile Glass Co.

    ▲Han Song,executive deputy director of National Safety Glass & Quartz Glass Quality Test Centre

    ▲Yang Shucan,General Director of China E&N Film Technology Co.

    In the E&N factorty, scrolls of all colors hang on the wall,fluttering in breeze,with music playing, flag waving and flower blooming.In the afternoon, guests were showed around the E&N factory and know more about E&N history and company culture.

    ▲Guest on the bus to E&N factory

    ▲Mr Yang met the guests with welcoming smile and warm handshake

    ▲Guests on the red carpet

    ▲Guests group photo taken with Mr Yang and Mr Ye

    ▲Guests group photo taken with Mr Yang and Mr Ye

    ▲Guests group photo taken with Mr Yang and Mr Ye

    ▲Guests group photo taken with Mr Yang and Mr Ye

    The culture corridor records the development of E&N during the past 10 years, you can see the photo of the global partners and the exhibition attended hanging on the wall. In the showroom,it shows different kinds and item of E&N EVA film and authority certification,including international quality system IS09001,SGS,European standard ENISO12543,etc.The global map shows customers distribution,and now E&N oversea market covers more than 50 countries and regions.Next to the door ,there are two pieces of broken glass,of which EVA film laminated glass holds straight while PVB film laminated glass fell down,shows the EVA film better broken-holding property. The showroom mainly displays the good quality and wide application of E&N EVA film.

    ▲E&N cultural corridor

    ▲Diverse high quality glass sample

    ▲The authority certification

    ▲Commentator introduced E&N history

    ▲Commentator introduced every detail

    ▲Foreign guests checked the glass sample

    ▲Commentator explained every detail

    ▲Guest checked the EVA film sample

    ▲Commentator introduced the detail of E&N factory

    ▲Commentator introduced the detail of E&N factory

    All the staffs and visitors should wear the uniform clean clothes before entering the workshop and air-shower room, which makes products in totally clean environment.

    ▲Foreign guests checked the workshop

    ▲Guests checked the laboratory

    ▲Guested checked the workshop from outside

    Thanks to professional and strict producing management,warm reception and detailed explication,every guest felt satisfied with E&N facilities,spirit and humanity.

    ▲Foreign Guests

    At 17:30 pm, 10th anniversary ceremony started.As the local traditional way to celebrate,fantastic lion dancing was the opening show,and crowed burst into cheers spontaneously at the wonderful performance.

    ▲Opening---Lion Dancing Show

    After the lion show,Mr Yang and Mr Ye made their address on the stage. Mr Yang reviewed the past and looked forward to the future of E&N. He expressed the thanks to the representatives of China Glass Association,and all the partners and staff.Mr Yang believed that the next decade will be more brilliant and better.

    ▲Yang Shucan, General manager of E&N

    ▲Ye, Runkang,depute general manager of E&N

    E&N goes further with all the support and trust from loyal customers and partner.The client representatives and the leaders of China Glass Association made their address,they praised E&N quality,and expressed their good wishes to E&N.

    ▲Client representatives addressed the ceremony

    ▲Client representatives addressed the ceremony

    ▲Lu minghong,vice president and Safety committee member of China Glass Association
    Vice president of Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Automobile Glass Co.

    ▲Zhang Baiheng,standing vice-president of China Glass Association,made presentation speech

    What E&N achieves today is associated with effort and pay of all the partners and staff,who deserved to be recognized.There are awards for honoring their support and contribution,including 10 “Golden-diamond clients”,10 “Platinum clients”,12 “Loyal employee”served at E&N for 10 years,45 “Crystal clients”

    ▲“Golden-diamond” Clients


    ▲Loyal employees served at E&N for 10 years




    The show were so amazing and fantastic that there were lion dancing,sand painting,face-changing performance, as well as band show and singing,which attracted all the guests and lead the atmosphere to its climax.

    ▲Sand Painting

    ▲Sand Painting

    ▲Face-changing Show

    ▲Face-changing Show

    ▲Band show

    ▲Band show

    ▲Propose a toast with Champagne

    Dinner started after toast,and the lucky draw time came.E&N prepared many surprise,like wear phone,vivo phone,Huawei phone.The final special prize is Iphone 8.

    ▲Third Prize Winner

    ▲Second Prize Winner

    ▲First Prize Winner

    ▲Special prize winner (in the middle)

    With the last winner being announced,E&N 10th anniversary ceremony came to a successful completion.10th is new beginning, E&N will continue to go further and grow up in the future. We believe !

    ▲E&N staff & representatives took group photo

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