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    Ian patted you and told you: we have a new product!

    EN Safeglas™MG

    EN Safeglas™MG ionoplast interlayer is a copolymer of ethylene and methacrylate that contains lots of advantages,such as high strength, high transparency,durability, a variety of structures and flexible installation.

    Product Characteristics

    1. The hardness is 100 times that of traditional PVB materials.

    2. The tear strength is 5 times of the traditional PVB material.
    3. The yellowing index is less than 1.5, with excellent transparency to show perfect and clear effect.
    4. Uv filtration, natural weathering test without defects
    5. SafeglasTMMG ionoplast interlayer’s edge has
    excellent stability and good compatibility with structure glue.
    6. SafeglasTMMG ionoplast interlayer has high strength bond to metal.
    7. The capacity of Safeglas™MG ion-laminated glass is 2 times that of PVB laminated glass of the same thickness and SafeglasTMMG ionoplast interlayer has excellent crushing capacity and high stiffness, enough residual capacity without falling down.
    8. The bending deflection of Safeglas™MG ionoplast interlayer is only 1/4 of that of PVB laminated glass under the same load and thickness.
    9. With the increase of bearing capacity and the decrease of deflection increased, the thickness of glass will also be reduced accordingly. And the amount of glass used may be reduced by 40%, which also reduces the dead weight of the curtain wall eventually .
    10. The stresses and deflections of Safeglas™MG laminated glass are essentially the same as those of a monolithic glass of the same thickness, while those of PVB laminated glass are much greater due to the significant slippage of the intermediate layer.

    Glass stair

    Glass corridor

    The Safeglas™MG enables laminated glass to sustain high stress loads.The intermediate layer can be used as a structural layer with higher performance by combining multiple layers of glass with the material.It makes architects and frame-systems engineers acheive great design freedom and facilitates the development of innovative point-test support systems that result in clean, smooth and large plate glass facades.Minimal metal exposure is required without the need to install conventional structures on all four sides of the glass.That’s no doubt that it helps to ensure the integrity of the building’s facade and prevents injuries and damage from falling glass in the event of natural disasters, terrorist threats and other events.

    Safeglas™MG’s excellent transparency, ultra-low fog and even lower yellow index performance allow architects and designers to use ultra-white safety laminated glass to show perfect natural light penetration finally.

    Glass building

    Product application area

    Safeglas™MG has a wide range of applications in special areas,such as bullet-proof glass, car glass, high-speed trains and air navigation.Specific applications of Safeglas™ MG include structural glazing, curtain walls, balconies, staircases, open-side mezzanine, fixtures, floors, ceilings, point-supported structural glazing, acquisition systems, diagonal spans and elevated glazing.The construction of wide and light glass domes, transparent glass curtain walls, oversized glass, open bare glass guardrail and other uses.

    Glass Balcony

    Glass Furniture

    Glass Curtain

    Glass Building

    E&N technology has been committed to developing and promoting new laminated glass products to meet the market demand for safety laminated glass, as well as the new standards in improving the safety, durability, aesthetics, edge stability and other aspects of glass.Safeglas™MG is the result of the research and development team of Ion Technology for five years. Safeglas™MG is a safety glass intermediate layer material with significant innovative technology, which surpasses the existing technology and breaks the foreign monopoly of high strength safety glass intermediate sandwich materialand promotes the development of safety laminated glass industry.

    Interlayer conditions

    E&N provides our customers with the "Operation Manual for interlayer of ionic Polymer interlayer", which details the storage, operation and interlayer considerations of interlayer.It can be obtained from an E&N technical service representative or our marketing manager.

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