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    Industry standard review meeting was held in Foshan

      On December 20, 2013, China Building & Industrial Glass Association organized a standard review meeting of in Foshan, Guangdong.There some representatives were attending this meetings,including Zhang Baiheng,executive vice president and secretary general of China Building and Industrial Glass Association,Lihui,the deputy secretary-general of Glass Association, and more than 20 experts and other representatives from the domestic glass processing manufacturers, inspection certification bodies and domestic leading EVA film enterprises.

      The meeting was hosted by Li Hui, deputy secretary general of the Glass Association. After introducing the composition of the meeting, Li explained the background and process of setting standard.

    Laminated glass with ethylene (EVA) film Association standards

      After the standard release, the situation could be improved, since law enforcement agencies will be able to monitor the quality control. He emphasize:" Industry development rely on standard regulation . During the 35 years of reform and opening up, China’s glass industry develop rapidly,and so far flat glass has been ranked world for 20 consecutive years,more than 60% of the world’s total output; Though processed glass, 10 years older than flat glass, is also the world’s largest producer in terms of absolute quantity, with nearly half of world total output.

      In fact, there are underlying problems in the rapid development, including quality, product and technological innovation, etc. At present, it is unsustainable for the rapid growth of the glass industry in double-digits increase as past, and it is inevitable for slowdown.Originally many contradictions which covers for system revealed day by day. It has a resounding effect on glass industry after State Council listed it as one of the five key overcapacity industry.

      Especially the enterprise, whose glass processing lines on stream in the recent two years face a tight squeeze.For the moment, the energy conservation policy of glass industry become more aggressive which lead to increase production costs.if vicious competition in low price continues, some of the business will struggle.In the past, low quality with low price products is able to operate in market, but in the future there is only one way that high quality with competitive price can gain favor . In the case of excess capacity, it is more necessary to be standardized. Although it bring supply and demand into balance, there is still overcapacity. It is consistent with the environment and the needs of the development of the industry to standard EVA film industry.

      In recent years, some domestic EVA film manufacturers continue to enlarge scientific research and investment, focusing on product quality improvement. At present, domestic leading EVA film quality is able to compete with the international one. Therefore, the development of EVA film Association standards, not only guide manufacturers how to process ensure quality of supporting material and finished glass,but also support superior enterprise while restrict inferior one, to make sure the rapid development of company as well as EVA film industry.

      At the meeting, Ye Runkang, vice president of Foshan E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech on behalf of the co-organizers.

      Experts at the conference conducted a verbatim review of the standard draft manuscript and revised the specific terms and expressions. After the conference, samples from 6 participating EVA manufacturers were provided to uniformly test and verify the report.Standard modification will be completed and released in soon time.

      After the meeting, Zhang talked with represtantitives from above six EVA film companies regarding market issues, listened to the questions and discussed solutions together.Finally provided the guidance.

      Participant of this meeting and representatives of testing organization visited Foshan E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd.,and get futher understanding for domestic EVA film processing equipment and products.

      The meeting came to successful conclusion,and leadership issued a certificate for these six EVA film manufactuers as new member of China Building & Industrial Glass Association.


    Source language:http://www.glass.org.cn/hyzx/show.php?itemid=3623

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