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    EN-AL High& Low Temperaure Super Clear EVA Film
    Name Item No. Specification
    Description Process Application
    High& Low Temperaure Super Clear EVA Film EN-AL 0.25×2300×150   With the development of glass process,the process methods become more and more varity in glass deep process industry.The technical requirement of Insert EVA film apply for laminated glass with fabric is geting higher and higher,than High & Low temperature EVA film developed.
      This is a kinds of EVA film which could used in architectural laminating glass with high temperature process and laminated with fabrics could not withstand high temperature.If processing 60mins at 80℃,we could get high adhesion and transparency performance,it is very suitable to used for processing with acrylic and other materials which could not withstand high temperature.
    Low Temperature Section: 60℃
    Holding Time: 20mins
    High Temperature Section:80℃
    Holding Time:60mins
    Architectural laminated glass used for outdoor, low temperature composite acrylic and other materials could not withstand high temperature,Low temperature laminated glass with fabric
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